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Small Group Classes

In person small group classes created taught by a motivating certified fitness instructor to help you reach your fitness goals. With the smaller class size, you get a more intimate experience and have the opportunity to get more individualized coaching if needed.

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Personal Training

Private sessions with you and Denise. If you are new to fitness or you have specific training needs and goals, one-on-one personal training is a great option for you.

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Semi-Private Training

Similar to one on one personal training but in a small group of up to 4 individuals.

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Nutrition Therapy

Individualized nutrition counseling to help with a variety of issues ranging from simple meal planning to conditions with a particular disease including but not limited to cardiac disease, diabetes and Celiac disease.

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Daily Meal Planning

Denise will create daily meal plans customized to help you meet your specific dietary needs.

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At Home Program

Enjoy getting in the same workouts taught by Denise in person from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. As a FF&N at home member, you will have access to virtual workouts.

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Pricing Table


First Group Class FREE

  • Curious about trying out a group class? Register for your first free class using the PushPress Member Portal. Use within two weeks of registering.

Individual Personal Training

  • Individualized 50 minute personal training sessions with Denise.
  • Single Session $60
  • 4 Pack Sessions (5% discount) $228
  • 8 Pack Sessions (7% discount) $446
  • 12 Pack Sessions (10% discount) $648

Semi-Private Training

  • Are you interested in personal training with a few of your closest friends or family? Are you a new Mom with a few friends who are new Moms looking to get back in shape together? Are you interested in personal training and saving money? Denise can provide semi-private training to a group up to 4 individuals. Working out with a small group helps keep you accountable and forges a bond like no other. As a group, you will coordinate the scheduling of sessions with Denise. The cost will be divided equally among the group. Go ahead, start forming your tribe!
  • Single Session $80
  • 4 Pack Sessions (5% discount) $304
  • 8 Pack Sessions (7% discount) $595
  • 12 Pack Session (10% discount) $864

Nutrition Therapy

  • Individualized nutrition counseling sessions with Denise. These can be done in person, via telephone or via online platform of choice.
  • Initial 75 minute nutrition assessment $125
  • 1-30 minute follow up session $50
  • 4-30 minute follow up sessions (5% discount) $190
  • 8-30 minute follow up sessions (7% discount) $428
  • 12-30 minute follow up sessions (10% discount) $660
  • Note: In order to purchase follow up sessions, must have completed an initial assessment within 3 months.

Daily Meal Planning

  • Denise will create daily meal plans customized to help you meet your specific dietary needs.

Combination of Nutrition Therapy with Customized 4 Week Meal Plan

  • With this service, you get a full nutrition assessment with corresponding nutrition counseling along with a 4 week meal plan that is customized to fit your lifestyle and your needs.

Punch Card for Small Group Classes

  • Pricing
  • 5 class punch card $37.50 (use within 1 month)
  • 10 class punch card $70.00 (use within 2 months)
  • 15 class punch card $97.50 (use within 2 months)
  • 20 class punch card $120 (use within 2 months)

At Home Program - Recurring Monthly Membership

  • Access to the FFN at Home private FB page where you will receive 5 full length workout videos (plus 1 bonus video) with corresponding descriptions on a weekly basis. The workouts are mainly high intensity interval training with some boot camp style fun mixed in there. Appropriate modifications are shown allowing all levels of fitness to participate. Minimal equipment (dumbbells and/or kettle bells mainly) required. With this membership, you will also receive helpful education regarding various aspects of both nutrition and fitness. There are also motivating challenges along to way to help keep you motivated.
  • Note you may cancel your recurring membership by contacting Denise at least 3 business days prior to your renewal date.


  • Loose Creek, Missouri, United States


Mission Statement
To motivate individuals to strive for excellence and reach their full potential both physically and mentally in a welcoming environment.

Vision Statement
To create a welcoming environment that provides ever changing options to inspire individuals to maximize their health and wellness.


 Working out is something I always thought about, but wouldn’t commit to doing. I wanted to do something in order to feel better about myself. I never felt comfortable joining a gym and always worried about everyone watching. Would I be capable of keeping up or have the ability to do certain things? When Denise mentioned joining her for a workout, I was hesitant. She assured me I would be fine and was right about everything I questioned. I love everything about the workouts, they are challenging, energizing, rewarding and exciting. The group of people at each session are so sweet and welcoming. Denise always has such positive words of encouragement and is always so motivating. Her dedication and compassion to help each and everyone of us amazes me. If you have ever thought about working out and joining a gym but you worry about all the little things please don’t. I urge you to try it and I am sure you will love it as much as I do. Denise is a great friend, trainer and coach. I am so glad I made the choice to do something for myself. This has been a game changer for my life in so many ways."

Amanda Peters

 I’m a Mom of a 10 month old & 4 year old, wife and business owner. Our life is nothing short of crazy, finding time for “me time/workout time” is challenging. My friend called me and told me she had been doing Denise’s classes at Freestyle Fitness & Nutrition and she knew I would love them. She was right! My first morning I was nervous because quarantine was not great for my “workout and nutrition” routine. I was super out of shape, and I was hoping I could keep up and not be judged! I was so wrong about those feelings. I’ve never felt more at home working out! My 5 am classmates are amazing and the last thing from judgmental. The workout went so fast and I surprised myself with my strength. Each week I become mentally and physically stronger. Three weeks in and I’m already seeing progress! I’m starting to see those love handles fall off and truth be told, no matter what I typically do they never leave! Your time is NOW! Come join us. No judgment, a fun environment, and the most amazing coach!"

Jenna Dudenhoeffer

 I'm always so busy with my family and needed to do something for me. I have so much more energy now and I feel stronger! My initial fear was not being able to do the workouts, but I quickly realized that modifying is okay. Everyone is different and each person does what they can. This is definitely a 'no judgement' zone! I would and already have told many friends to come try it out. I would absolutely refer anyone who inquires to come see what Freestyle has to offer! Denise is such an amazing instructor. Even when you think you don't have any more in you, she motivates you to give it your all!"

Sheila Lenger

 I’ve always been fairly active and enjoyed working out but knew I needed a change of pace. My workouts would consist of the same routines, therefore seeing minimal results. From the moment I met Denise with Freestyle Fitness and Nutrition, I knew her program was exactly what I needed. I was so impressed by her passion to help others succeed. I started my journey with Denise in May and the At Home program in July and have not looked back. I love the flexibility with the At Home Program she offers. I enjoy being able to workout during my lunch hour, right after work, or even when my toddler is napping all in the comfort of my living room. Each class is fun and challenging but also can be modified for all fitness levels. Even though I’m working out at home, Denise is right there keeping me focused and motivating me to meet my fitness goals. I look forward to the upcoming months ahead and continuing my journey with Denise. I would recommend Freestyle Fitness and Nutrition to anyone who needs that extra push and a welcoming atmosphere."

Stephanie Borgmeyer