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Take Fitness to the Next Level with Body Composition Analysis

How are you tracking your fitness progress?  

Weight loss can be an important method in trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Oftentimes we use a bathroom scale to help us track how much weight we’re losing. But doesn’t it seem like that new diet or exercise you’ve been trying only helps you lose weight temporarily and sometimes you end up gaining even more weight? Doesn’t it feel like nothing is really working out the way you had expected?That’s because your bathroom scale is misleading.

Ditch the scale

Your weight is made up of muscle, fat, and water. The key to effective weight loss is  losing excess body fat, not overall body weight. Weight loss is not the same as fat  loss. Instead of tracking how heavy you are, use body composition analysis to track  how healthy you really are.  

Body composition analysis is key

Body composition analysis refers to measuring your body composition, generally  known as your body muscle, fat, and water. Instead of focusing on a single number  on your scale, body composition analysis allows you to focus on losing body fat  and gaining muscle while retaining the proper amount of body water in specific  areas of your body. Body composition analysis is the key to tracking and  maintaining effective weight loss. Lose weight smarter, healthier, and happier like  never before.  

Take control of your health.  

The InBody 270 accurately measures your body composition in less than 15  seconds and prints out a results sheet which lists out your body composition

components, tracking your progress over time. This device shows you key  components of your health like your:  

• Skeletal Muscle Mass  

• Percent Body Fat  

• Body Fat Mass  

• Basal Metabolic Rate and more!  

Take your InBody Test every 2 to 4 weeks to continuously monitor and improve  your weight loss. Receive a free consultation with every InBody 270 Test. See how  body composition analysis can help you lose weight smarter and more effectively.  

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  • Single Scan: $22
  • 4 Scans: $68
  • 8 Scans: $104
  • 12 Scans: $120

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"For the first time ever, I'm not afraid or overwhelmed at the end of a nutrition/fitness program. Reigniting Your Flame has provided me with the tools to continue my healthy habits beyond these 12 amazing weeks. Everything about the program - the personalized workouts, weekly menus, Denis's check-in session is phenomenal. That old fear-of-failure feeling has been replaced with confidence, empowerment, and purpose. Best investment ever."

Amy S

Denise is AMAZING!! She helped me tremendously with organizing my meals and workout for a 12 week period! For the first time ever I stayed active and didn't gain weight over the holidays! I loved the new food ideas and the different strength training workouts!! Definitely worth your while to join up with these programs if you want to stay fit and healthy!!!"

Lara O

"I have personally been through this challenge with Denise Coots. She customized meal plans that fit my life, and also used a lot of the foods that I already like to eat. What she did not do is come up with foods that were extremely out of my comfort zone. She did challenge me to expand my horizons. I can now walk up the hill without being winded, and each day I make better food choices. Having the workouts at home are a blessing, but I did have the option to get exercises in any way I wanted. Denise has helped to show me that eating healthy is not as hard as I thought. She teaches you planning, how to shop, and also checks in on you."

Kristine Koch

"Trust me, I'm not a morning person. If I can get up at 5:30 AM to workout you can too!!! Denise Coots will walk you through every workout for any skill level"

Abby Bradford

"So proud of my Friend/Trainer Denise Coots! Today was her 200th workout since her opening FreeStyle Fitness. I'm not 100% sure on how many workouts I've completed myself with her but its been since May. I look forward to seeing all of these ladies at 5am! I know that sounds early but it's hands down the best way to start your day! If you have any tiny want to try theses classes out, reach out to Denise! Your first class is free and I assure you will be back and If a group class isn't your thing, check out her home program or semi private classes!"

Jenna Dudenhoeffer

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